I was employed by FunBits Interactive (Formerly known as Atomic Operations) to create the logo for the company, stationary, business cards, video idents and various other projects.

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The Strange Case Company

Since 2009, I have been designing and selling contemporary art pieces online and through selected galleries in the south of England.


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I helped with the design, typography and animation of SingOn for Wish Studios based in Brighton. SingOn is a karaoke game created in Unity for PS4.

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3D Design

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Logo Design

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Hotsauce Interactive

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Kinect Nat Geo TV

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NFL Rivals

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My Horse

I worked with Munky Fun supplying them the UI graphics for the My Horse game on iOS, from Natural Motion.

Using the latest techniques in advanced OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics and the morpheme animation engine, My Horse heralds a new generation of cloud-based social gaming on iOS. Care for your horse through grooming, treating and feeding. Equip it with professional saddles and tack before heading out to compete. Build a bond with your realistic horse through performing a wide range of interactive 3D activities and, when you’re ready, there are 8 different breeds to collect and look after!

My Horse went on to be downloaded over 40 million times, on the iOS & Android platforms.

  • Half a million Daily Active Users
  • Apple’s Worldwide App of the Week
  • Featured in the Cutting Edge Games Section on the App Store
  • #1 Family Game on the App Store
  • #1 Game in the App Store at Launch
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Top Gear Peugeot Rally Challenge

Created all the UI, Maps & Cars for this website game.

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Top Gear Continental Rally

Created all the graphics for this online game. UI, Map & Cars.

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I was responsible for the design and construction of all the Lionhead family of websites, also marketing and advertising materials.

Archived Lionhead site from April, 2000.
Archived ‘The Movies’ website (2005)


Chatbot that I programmed to work in Flash.


Flash animation for ‘Intrepid’ Studios, one of the original Lionhead satellite companies.
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Fable II

I was responsible for the construction and design of the UI for Fable 2. Working extensively with the UI programmers and concept artist, the UI was laid out in Anark and animated. Fable 2 went on to be the best reviewed of the Fable series, selling over 3.5 million copies (as of March 2010) on the Xbox 360 console and is included in the book, “1001 Games You Must Play Before You Die”. Fable 2 has a metacritic rating of 89/100

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On Fable, I devised and constructed the promotional Fable website, which won the FWA award for site of the day. I also, with the help of programmer Tak Fung, designed all the particle effects for the game. I was responsible for filming and editing all the video promotional in game footage.


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I also designed and rendered the Lionhead ident at the beginning of the game.

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