Sleeping in Seattle | UI, UX & Graphic Designer - Worthing, West Sussex

Just recently returned from a two week stint in Seattle. A week working at Bungie Studios (They make a little known game called Halo) 😉 and a week’s holiday in downtown Seattle. Now, it’s well known that Seattle is one of the rainier parts of the US, but as luck would have it, whilst I was there, they suffered from the most rainfall since records began.  Even so, I was very struck with Seattle and it’s surrounding areas. Particularly at this time of year, heading into the Thanksgiving and Xmas holidays, it takes on a magical quality as the sun slowly sets and the glow of illuminations are multiplied by the rain slickened streets. The smell of cinnamon and cloves abound through the malls.

 Lance enjoyed it too, although it would have been nice to have a little more sunshine on our outing up the space needle.

Greg, Alta, Jacqui, Jonty & Lance  Public Market  Lance in the Public Library  Me up the Space Needle.

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