Hobbe Sculpture

Creature Sculpure 4, originally uploaded by Jamie Durrant.

Just finished priming and painting my latest little Hobbe sculpture from Fable 2. Made from super sculpey. Quite pleased with the outcome of this one, love the face, less keen on the body. I was thinking about molding this one so I can make some copies for friends at work, but I actually might make a larger one so that I can add more detail. This one is about 3 inches tall.

Update: started on a full size head.

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i am a big fan of fable and i was disapointed when they special edition of fable 2 arrived at my door with no hobbe then i started searching all over the internet to find one and then i found your site
i was wondering i you would sell one of your 3 inch tall ones for whatever price your my last resort
but anyway awsome sculpture kk email me the anser

7th April 2008

nevermind about selling the sculpture i have changed my mind and it would be a big hassel
but great job on it it is well done and the latex head is also very well done

7th April 2008
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