My Lost Boys Halloween Outfit. | UI, UX & Graphic Designer - Worthing, West Sussex

I decided to go as Kiefer Sutherland’s evil vampire from The Lost Boys.

I decided I’d have a go at making a gelatin appliance. Previously I’ve only ever done foamed latex and putty appliances. So, Gareth cast my face which gave me a positive to sculpt on top of. I changed the shape of my nose, added higher cheekbones and a very prominent brow. I then made a mold of that.

The gelatin came in a 1kg block and seemed to be quite sturdy stuff. I popped a cupful into the microwave until it was nice and runny. Poured into the mould and squished the two halfs together. Left for about an hour, I opened the mold and out came a pretty good appliance.

I was kind of disappointed that what should have been thin rubbery edges seemed to be quite fragile, almost like the gelatin had absorbed moisture and went a little mushy. Perhaps it’s not best suited to ultracal plaster molds ?

Anyway, it applied ok.. the edges were a little rough but the translucency of the gelatin worked well.

Here’s the results.

The Lost Boy

The Lost Boy

The Lost Boy

Gareth & Jamie

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