Thunderbeam (A retro iPad adventure!)

Great project happening with a talented group of individuals whose inspiration comes from those classic 70’s sci-fi series on TV. Combined with the best bits of point & click adventures from the 80’s. What a wonderful combination, you’ll have to admit ! It also features a wonderful soundtrack from The Octopus Project.
[soundcloud][/soundcloud] Thunderbeam Theme Song by The Octopus Project
They need your help in raising the development costs, a very meek $20k. So, whatever you can donate, I’m sure they’ll be very appreciative and probably send you something lovely in return.
Go here and give as much love as you can. Oh, money helps too.

“While we love the adventure games of the past, they were often primitive, and we’ve learned a lot about the weaknesses in their play mechanics. Cinematic games could be very effective but often sacrificed player freedom in exchange for narrative thrust, and point-and click games often turned into tedious easter egg hunts where the player dutifully clicked on every slightly out-of-place pixel in the hope that there was some hidden object that would allow him to progress. We’ve come up with a sort of codified formula of fun, that we are anxious to put into practice. It eliminates busywork, rewards ingenuity, maximizes randomness and emergent play, and we think will result in a game that we want to play as much as we want to create it. Our first game to implement our ideas is calledThunderbeam, and it’s a carefully steeped brew of 70’s  science fiction from England, Japan and the States- but recast in a grown-up world where death is an immediate, irreversible and oddly-funny reality.” – Wiley Wiggins

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