Just stumbled across an interview I did with John Keefer from Gamespy, close to the end of the game ‘Black & White’. I’d completely forgotten that I’d done it. I think I come over quite well, not an ounce of cynicism you’d find from me today. 😉 http://archive.gamespy.com/legacy/interviews/blackandwhite_a.shtm

DSC01559, originally uploaded by Jamie Durrant. We had Lionhead’s 10th anniversary last Friday. 10 years since Lionhead was initially created, and a big party was organised for the celebrations. Fancy dress with the theme of ‘games’. Have a look through the photos to see how many game characters you can name. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamie-uk/sets/72157601232788339/ I’ll be at

 13s   3d   3dsmax   abstract   angel   baby   barcelona   bench   bigben   bike   birds   boots   boys   bush   butterfly   cabinet   car   carved   castle   cathedral   chair   characters   cheeky   chest   christmas   clouds   clue   cluedo   computer   crowd   cruise   david   decorations   demon   destruction   door   drawers   eastruston   ella   exposure   fable   face   female   florence   fuck   gardens   giant   girling   glass   globe   green   guildford   halo   head   horns 

In my further ventures into documenting the family tree, I decided to create a website; http://www.durrantfamilytree.com so that if anyone is searching for their Durrant roots then hopefully this will give them a helping hand, and you never know I might find some long lost relative !!  Jamie

Just recently returned from a two week stint in Seattle. A week working at Bungie Studios (They make a little known game called Halo) 😉 and a week’s holiday in downtown Seattle. Now, it’s well known that Seattle is one of the rainier parts of the US, but as luck would have it, whilst I

I’m currently embarking on a project to find out about the Durrant family. I’ve subscribed to a great site, www.ancestry.com to help me with this task. So far, I think I’ve mapped it back to 1809. Robert Durrant (born about 1809) married Hannah and had seven children : Robert, Carlotta, Margaret, Mary A, Elizabeth, Christopher

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