Just stumbled across an interview I did with John Keefer from Gamespy, close to the end of the game ‘Black & White’. I’d completely forgotten that I’d done it. I think I come over quite well, not an ounce of cynicism you’d find from me today. 😉 http://archive.gamespy.com/legacy/interviews/blackandwhite_a.shtm

  fable 2 ambigram, originally uploaded by Jamie Durrant. Was playing around with ambigrams the other evening and I tried to make a Fable one. I guess it takes a while to see the characters, but I think for a first attempt, it’s not bad. 🙂 This ambigram reads the same upside down. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambigram Designed

The Flashbot script has now been updated to Actionscript 3 (AS3). It is available here. After setting up a bot with Pandorabots fantastic ALICE variant, I wanted more control over the appearance of the interface and thought that using Flash was a good way to go. This is how I created a basic flash interface

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