You can now buy all five alphabets in photoshop (psd) format for the special price of just £5.99 Each alphabet is normally £1.99 each so that’s a discount of £3.96 !! A bargain, I think you’ll agree. You get; Rubber Alphabet, Frankenstein Alphabet, Meat Alphabet, Slasher Alphabet & Bollocks Alphabet. You will receive each alphabet

Playing around with cloth and the mental ray materials in 3D Studio Max. Kind of a vinyl/rubber alphabet. Perhaps I should rename it the S&M Alphabet. Anyway, here’s the image; click for full size. If you’d like to download this alphabet, without the watermarks in a layered PSD file then you can ! If you

This was designed for the Kill Screen Magazine, issue #2. The arcade cabinet is printed on transparent paper, allowing the reader to see through to the inner workings of Fun Bits. Mouseover to see the insides, click to view bigger.

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