Durrant Family Tree

I’m currently embarking on a project to find out about the Durrant family. I’ve subscribed to a great site, www.ancestry.com to help me with this task. So far, I think I’ve mapped it back to 1809.
Robert Durrant (born about 1809) married Hannah and had seven children : Robert, Carlotta, Margaret, Mary A, Elizabeth, Christopher and Henry.
Henry Durrant (born about 1852) married Ellen Smith and had four children : Henry G, William A, Robert John and Arthur Edward.
Robert John Durrant (born Jun 1880) married Annie Riches and had two children : Robert John Walter and Frederick.
Robert John Walter Durrant married Olive Maud Watson and had three children : Maureen, Barbara and Robert Anthony.
Robert Anthony Durrant married Susan Lynne Adams and had two children : Lee Robert Durrant and myself, Jamie Durrant.
I really would like to work back further, but it’s not so easy now as the earliest census only goes to 1841. So, if you know anything and have stumbled on this page via a search engine, please contact me and perhaps we can consult each other’s trees ! 🙂
p.s. Research now living on http://www.durrantfamilytree.com/

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Lee Robert Durrant

Hey, Jamie…
I didn’t know you’d done this…. It’s brilliant!!! Do you have birth dates, occupations etc?
ps: Welcome home… Speak to you soon
Lee x

4th November 2006

Any chance this is same Durrants who used to own a shop in Norwich and of which Maureen used to live at Weston Longville?? If so how amazing I stumbled upon your site as lost contact with M when she moved. If not same Durrants – still an interesting site and look forward to reading more
Korki x

4th November 2006
Lyndsey Greetham

Hi there Jamie,
Was looking up my family name and this site popped up so had a look. My grandfather is named Robert Henry Durrant and he was married to Janet Dorothy Durrant (nee Polworth). They lived in Newcastle. Was wondering if by any chance they may have been related to any of the durrant’s listed above. They had five children; Norma, Robert, Keith, Alan and Jean. Very interesting site and i will definately be looking again. Good luck with the rest of the hunting Lyndsey

4th November 2006
Sophie Molly Durrant

Hi Jamie my name is Sophie Molly Durrant I’m 12 years old and my dad is Tony Michael Durrant I love my last name

4th November 2006
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