Started the paint job

Started the paint job

Started the paint job, originally uploaded by Jamie Durrant.

The first pass at the paint job. I’m using pax paint, which is essentially a 50/50 mixture of prosaide and acrylic paint. If you need a wash that is less opaque, then use some water in the mixture.

I need to go back and add more detail and definition to the mask. Primarily using sponged to paint on layers of paint, with some more detailed work with a brush.

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Eduardo Hulshof

This is fabulous man!

29th September 2008

Thanks Eduardo. The finished piece is here
Quite possibly, it’s now in the Lionhead office.

29th September 2008

Hey, found your site as I’m just getting into using pax paint – had to post to say this looks amazing!

29th September 2008
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29th September 2008
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