Skeletor Sculpture for Halloween

Skeletor Sculpture for Halloween

I helped a friend with his costume, he was going as skeletor so I thought it would be good to create a decent skeletor skull that he could wear perfectly on his face. It has a seperate jaw so that it would be able to move when he talked.
First off, I had to cast his face.
Gareth having his face cast.
Which resulted in this positive cast from the mold.
Face Cast
On top of this I sculpted the skeletor face in plastilene, basing it partly on the animated version and partly on the live action movie.
Skeletor Sculpture
I then used silicon putty to coat the sculpture in a nice thick layer as I would be casting the finished piece in hard polyurethane resin. Here’s the finished painted piece.
Gareth as Skeletor
Gareth as Skeletor

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I’m thinking of doing a Skeletor costume. Of course that will be like next year (at earliest) because I have my sandtrooper costume right now… then no telling and finally who knows what after that.

1st November 2008

That is one of awesome things i have seen. How can i get one n how much would it cost?

1st November 2008
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