Jean Michel Basquiat, Original or Fake ?

Jean Michel Basquiat, Original or Fake ?

Jean Michel Basquiat ?

I bought this today in Covent Garden from an antiques stall. Bought it because I loved the drawing. It was only when I got home that I looked up the artist.

The seller who sold this to me told me that it was done by the artist whilst in hospital and given to a friend

Now, I’m pretty sure this must be a fake. His work sells for $1000’s of dollars and I paid a lot less.

Do you think this is original or a fake ?

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Fake. Basquiat almost always signed his art “SAMO” (same old shit). Love the drawing,though.
Additionally he hyphenated his name: “Jean-Michel”

9th February 2009

Phil has no CLue what hes talking about being signed SAMO.only very early pieces from 1980 or 1981 or earleir were signed “SAMO”(maybe a couple her or there after that) and it may total less than 1 percent of his whole very short lifetime body of work.
Anyway, this piece is certainly a Fake in the style of JMB, the letters in the handwiritng is way to straight and correct – so to say – also the lines in these pictures that are drawn are also to perfect – Anyone with experience looking at a certain artists work, will get to know his FINGERPRINT – so to say and althought this drawing has the overall appearance and style of a BAsquiat, it is not done by him – I am absolutely certain on this – DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY GETTING IT AUTHENTICATED. It is worth just the low dollar figure you paid for it.

9th February 2009
Chris Millar

Jamie….I love the drawing, and could probably make you about 10 more if you like it that much 🙂 Glad you like my knock offs,

9th February 2009

total fake fo sho!!

9th February 2009
Maggie Blanchett

It’s fake. Google “Christian Mengele” if you like that art style. 😉

9th February 2009
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