Think twice before ordering a computer from Dell. Terrible attitude. Don't buy a Dell. AKA. Frankly my dear, we don't give a damn.

Update 23rd June 2009
So, today I finally received the computer I ordered on the 14th April. I also a couple of days ago received the refund that was ‘processed’ on the 3rd June. Glad it’s finished, but I still would never order a computer from Dell again. Fool me once, shame on.. shame on you. You can’t get fooled again.
Update on the 16th June 2009
Well, it seems that Dell aren’t too keen on me complaining about them taking my money on their forums. They deleted my post for the 3rd time. Apparently “Your post contains language that we believe to be harassing, unlawful, or otherwise objectionable“. There are no swear words at all in it but just in case, I have replaced ‘Damn’ with ‘Dang’. ?I’ve now reposted my complaint and will continue to do so until I receive my money back from Dell. No doubt they will ban me from using their forums !
I had an email from Dell stating that they had refunded my money. I immediately phoned my bank, but no… no sign of it whatsoever. Someone is telling porky pies.
Someone replied on the thread, saying that I should take them to a small claims court and handly included the web address as such :, within 10 minutes, that post had been deleted from the discussion. Hmm..
Update on the 15th June 2009
Phoned customer services again today to ask why the computer is still listed as ‘in production’. Was told that the system is undergoing an upgrade and the delivery date will be updated on Wednesday. Amazed as the new excuses they re coming up with. Still no refund on the money they have taken from me in exchange for a big fat nothing.
I also decided to post a messsage on Dell’s forums to see if anyone within Dell could be of help.
Note: I had to repost it as after 20 mins, they deleted my post as it contained ‘objectionable words’. I said that “Dell don’t give a damn about their customers”. Apparently ‘damn’ is objectionable and the post was removed. I also wonder if they bleep out the word in the film, Gone with the Wind. “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a <BLEEP>“.
?Update on the 11th June 2009.
After much complaining to numerous email addresses and phoning, I was eventually told that the original order would be re-ordered with the same specs and the same price. This was done on the 1st June 2009.
It was meant to be delivered today.
I checked the order status online. Yep, delivery date estimated to be on or before 11the June. Item is still in production. Huh ?
I phoned customer services in India and was told that “due to the immense popularity of the machine, the item is still being produced”. Sounded like a standard response to any query on the delivery date. So.. now no new delivery date, item *still* in production. Dell. You *really* need to sort out your service. This is terrible.
?Also, just noticed they have taken the money for the machine *twice* and given no refund for the intial cancelled order. Sigh.
?If you are suffering similar problems, then you can write a letter of complaint :





Michael Dell
Dell Computer Inc.
One Dell Way
Round Rock TX 78682

NOTE: Dell also has a escalation procedure for “Unresolved Customer Service Issues”. They require that you have already gone through the customer support process (and thus have a “Case” or “Reference” number, and your original order number (which I suppose means you can’t use this process for used computers). And get this: they promise a reply within 1 business day! It’s hard to find on their site, but here’s Direct Access to Dell Escalation.

I ordered a machine from Dell (employee purchase program) on the 15th April. They were having a special offer on their basic range of machines. I also bought another machine on the 28th April, a meatier machine for my design work.
The machine ordered on the 28th April, turned up about a week later. Great. The order status on the earlier machine was still in production.
Delivery date was changed 3 times, until eventually it was to be delivered this coming Thursday (4th June), a little under two months later.
On Sunday afternoon, I received a phone call from a Dell representative telling me that they had problems taking the money from my account. As this was a 2 months later, I had received a new debit card, which I duly gave them the details too.
That evening, I checked on the order status of my machine. “This order has been cancelled”. WHAT ?!!
I contacted customer service, via email, via phone asking why my order had been cancelled. This is the reponse I received :

Thank you for contacting Dell Customer Service.
As per the records there are 2 orders on your name :
1 ) 23988760 for XPS 630 which was delivered to you on 06.05.09.
2) 23927812 for INSPIRON 546MTwhich is cancelled.
I am sorry that you are charged on the cancelled order 23927812. I have requested for the complete refund on this order.
A Credit refund for[ ?243.05 ] is processed today under the reference no 04025277136. You can expect the amount to reflect in your account in 5 to 7 workings days.

I replied that I did not cancel the machine and that I still needed it. They replied :

Please accept my apologies for the difficulties encountered due to this issue.
We are sorry that we couldn’t process your order due to internal processing error and I apologize if you were not notified of this order cancellation.
Kindly note that this order has been cancelled due to an internal error and not because your card number is changed.
As we have already taken the amount from your account, we have arranged for the same to be refunded under the reference number, DPS# ********.
However, the best option would be to call our sales department on 0844 907 5818 or 0844 444 5128 or place a new order online on

I phoned up Sales to enquire about my cancelled order and that it should not have been cancelled. They said they wasnt anything they could do about this, so I would have to re-order, I told them to look at the same specs as my cancelled machine and then they quoted me an amount which is ?40 more than I had originally paid for it. So, they cancel my order after 2 months and then tell me I have to pay more for the same model. Ridiculous.
This has become a joke now. If you were thinking about buying a Dell machine, I would seriously think about using a company that actually knows what it’s doing, that might consider telling you that it’s cancelled your order and doesnt expect more money from you for their mistake.

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Hello. I have similar problem. I ordered laptop. Leptop has been cancelled but money has’t come back yet. and they say we didint take money from your bank account but i can see on my statement money was taken out off my bank account by dell. Could you help me? what should i do? thanks my mail thanks

11th June 2009
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