Choices Rental – AVOID

Having spent my first year in a rental property, I feel the need to put pen to paper (key to screen) about this terrible rental agency.
Interesting to note that most everyone of the five star reviews sound the same, praising a member of staff. Look back a few pages and it’s all one stars.
Do you think they’ve been pushing up their rating with shill reviews ? It wouldnt surprise me. They took over 7 weeks to refund my rental deposit as they said they were ‘waiting to hear back from the landlord’. A couple of days after I moved out of the flat, the new tenants moved in. I know this as I sold them my dishwasher, washing machine, microwave & tumble dryer. So, after weeks of chasing my deposit back, they gave it to me, minus ‘fees’, minus ‘cleaning bill’, minus ‘renewal fee’, minus ‘out check fee’. I very much doubt they paid to have it cleaned, it was immaculate when I left. But, they offer no proof, and I can’t prove they didnt.
Just heed my warning, don’t use Choices. There are plenty of other rental agencies out there, but I wouldnt trust the reviews on at all. Just speak to your friends and ask around.

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