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Creative Pool Annual 2016 Graphic Nomination !

I’ve been shortlisted in the Graphic category for the Creativepool Annual Awards 2016 for my Storm Trooper prints. It’s just me against big industry hitters, including Bloomberg with their $8 billion turnover and 15,000 staff, so I’m essentially David against Goliath, with a very small chance of being voted to the top. I’d really appreciate […]
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Airfix / Oz inspired prints.

I’ve been working on some new prints for The Strange Case Company. Inspired by airfix kits and The Wizard of Oz. They’ll be six in total. Here are the first three.
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My Horse

Was just checking stats of ‘My Horse‘, a?game that I did the UI?for whilst working at Natural Motion. It’s now been downloaded over 40 million times ! So, that’s nice to know.  
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