A senior Graphic Designer with extensive experience of graphic and web design in the video games industry. Key areas of expertise include: creating User Interfaces and Experience (UI/UX) for video games; providing graphic design for projects; typography; designing, developing and maintaining interactive games websites and teaser pages; expert knowledge of 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects and Anark; and delivering a wide range of digital and print based design including logo design, advertising, PR material, marketing collateral, stationery and signage.

Recent Work

Electric Square

  • Lead UX/UI
    • Forza Street (Android/Windows/iOS) (link) (link) (link)
      • Designing and creating UXUI
      • Mockups, marketing assets

Supermassive Games

  • UI/UX Designer
    • The Inpatient (PSVR) (link)
      • Designing UX/UI elements
      • In game video elements
    • Bravo Team (PSVR) (link)
      • Designing UX/UI elements
    • Hidden Agenda (PS4 & Mobile) (link)
      • Creating both the console UXUI and the mobile app UXUI
    • The Man of Medan (PS4) (link)
      • UI Mockups
      • In game graphic design assets
    • Shattered State (Mobile VR) (link)
      • UX & UI design
      • Graphical Elements, mockups and assets

The Strange Case Company

  • Director
          • Creating a range of limited edition art prints. (link)

Park Avenue People

    • Responsibilities
      • Designed, hosted and built website (link)
      • Revise Company Logo and branding
      • Full Stationary
      • Marketing & Promotional materials

Wish Studios

      • SingOn (PS3)
        • Responsibilities
          • User Interface (link)
        • Video (link)
      • Graphic design for various projects(link)

Hotsauce Interactive

    • Catcha Catcha Aliens
      • Responsibilities
        • Website designed for Jonathan Ross’ company, Hotsauce Interactive (link)

Relentless Software

  • Nat Geo TV Kinect (Xbox 360)
    • Responsibilities
      • User Interface (link)
      • Icons
      • Achievements
    • Video (link)

Player Three

  • Top Gear Continental Rally (website) (link)
    • Responsibilities
      • User Interface
      • Tileable landscapes
      • 3D car rendering
  • Top Gear Peugeot Rally Challenge (website) (link)
    • Responsibilities
      • User Interface
      • Tileable landscapes
      • 3D car rendering
  • Magnatron (website) (link)
    • Responsibilities
      • User Interface (link)

Natural Motion

  • MyHorse (iOS & Android) (link)
      • Responsibilities
        • User Interface (link)

      • Half a million Daily Active Users
      • 40 million downloads
      • Apple’s Worldwide App of the Week
      • Featured in the Cutting Edge Games Section on the App Store
      • #1 Family Game on the App Store
      • #1 Game in the App Store at Launch
      • Video (link)

  • NFL Rivals (iOS)
    • Responsibilities
      • User Interface (link)
    • Kotaku Gaming App of the Day (source)
    • Video (link)
  • Jenga (iOS)
    • Responsibilities
      • User Interface (link)

Fun Bits

  • Escape Plan (Vita/PS3/4) (link)
    • Responsibilities
      • Graphic Design
      • Website (link)
    • #1 Selling PS Vita Game Feb 2012
  • Fun Bits
    • Logo; Website; Stationary; Advertising Materials

Lionhead Studios

  • Fable II (Xbox 360)
    • Responsibilities
      • User Interface
    • 3.5 Million sales
    • Highest rated game in the Fable franchise, Metacritic 89% (source)
  • The Movies (PC)
    • Responsibilities
      • Website
  • Fable (Xbox & PC)
    • Responsibilities
      • In game particle effects
      • Website (link)
  • Black & White (PC)
    • Responsibilities
      • Scripting & scenario of first three lands
      • Website
      • Advertising
  • Lionhead
    • Responsibilities
      • Website
      • Graphic design
      • Advertising


Career Highlights

  • Worked on Natural Motion’s My Horse, Front End, User Interface and HUD. With a relatively short development time, I designed and exported all elements of the user interface. It launched to widely critical success, gaining Apple’s Worldwide Game of the Week, and has since been downloaded over 40 million times on iOS and android.

  • Lionhead Studios required an innovative website to promote and support ‘Fable’ – its action role-play game. Selected to design and develop this cutting edge website. Developed concept; created web wire frames; recruited illustrator; constructed website using Flash particle effects; arranged music and sound effects; and subsequent to senior management approval, launched website. Delivered website to robust timescales, receiving extremely positive publicity in the press and achieving the acclaimed industry recognised Favourite Website Award (FWA).
  • Lionhead Studios were having difficulties developing the GUI for its ‘Fable 2’ game. Selected to rescue the project and deliver GUI encompassing ‘front end’, title screen and options, menu system, and HUD. Engaged with stakeholders; produced mock ups; created ‘in-game’ graphics using Anark; ensured Microsoft’s Technical Certification Requirements and localisation rules were adhered to; and utilised focus group feedback. Successfully delivered GUI to robust timescales and ‘Fable 2’ sold in excess of three million copies and won numerous industry accolades including several BAFTA game awards.

Career History

February 1998 to April 2009: Lionhead Studios: Senior Graphic Designer

Lionhead Studios is a British computer game development company acquired by Microsoft Game Studios in April 2006. The company has approximately 250 employees & generates revenues of over £10m.

  • Recruited as Senior Graphic Designer, responsible for delivering design solutions across a range of media with particular focus on the group’s websites and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for video games.
  • Accountable for designing, developing and maintaining the group’s websites to ensure they remain exciting for game users through cutting-edge technology and innovative designs. This involved creating concepts and designs, and liaising with illustrators and web developers.
  • Designed Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for video games encompassing ‘front ends’, title screens and options, menu systems, and Heads Up Displays (HUD).
  • The role involved ensuring designs for Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) of video games adhered to Microsoft’s stringent Technical Certification Requirements and localisation rules, which govern the development of games across global markets.
    • Worked with Microsoft’s Localisation Team to amend fonts used for games in different languages.
    • Assessed feedback from Microsoft’s video game focus groups, and incorporated suggestions to improve user experience and enhance concepts, ensuring project remained within timescales.
    • Responsible for scenario and level scripting for video games including ‘Black & White’ which subsequently won a BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Award for Interactivity.
    • Produced trailers used for internet promotion of video games using ‘in-game’ cameras.
    • Designed, developed and implemented an intranet using SharePoint. Researched application, negotiated with supplier, installed and configured application.
    • Delivered design solutions for general operational purposes across a range of digital and print based media including advertising, PR material, marketing collateral, and stationery.
    • The design process involved: agreeing brief / timescales with stakeholder; developing creative ideas and concepts; presenting design solutions and mock ups; liaising with illustrators, web developers and suppliers; and delivering final artwork.
    • Successfully generated additional PR for ‘Black & White’ – the company’s first game by offering characters to the public for auction and putting the winning sponsor’s face on the character. This unique idea raised the game’s profile and over £2,000 for the NSPCC.

Earlier Career:

  • 1997 to 1998: 3D/4D Holographics / Lenticular Display Designer
  • 1996 to 1997: Design Etc / Model Maker
  • 1996: Geoff Portass / Assistant Special FX Make-Up on ‘Scratchy & Co‘ and ‘Dr Terror’s Vault of Horror
  • 1991 to 1996: Treasure World: Designer / Sculptor
  • 1988 to 1989: The Travelling Matte Company / Graphics Designer on ‘Knightmare

Qualifications & Training:

  • Art & Design Foundation: Norfolk Institute of Art & Design
  • Secondary education to O-Level Standard




Graphic Design


MS Office

3DS Max


Web Design

After Effects





“Jamie is a fantastic and creative developer, who not only helped us with our web-site design, but brought a full vision to our corporate identity, logo and individualized business cards. To this day, people are still impressed by the quality and thought behind everything that he touched. Fun Bits has called on the support of Jamie numerous times to aid with various design projects. As a client, we have been very happy with both the creativity and timeliness of his deliverables. He brought a unique and creative vision to our projects. Collaborating with Jamie was both effortless and fun.”

Chris Millar, CEO Fun Bits Interactive.

“I worked very closely with Jamie during the last year of Fable II’s development, and it was a thoroughly positive experience: Jamie is a very creative, yet pragmatic graphic designer, and his dedication and talent contributed a great deal when it came to developing the user interface for Fable II. On top of that, Jamie is a great guy to be around, and I would definitely love to work with him again in the future.”

Guillaume Portes, CTO, Another Place Productions.

“Jamie was really great to work with. I love the programmer-artist dynamic when it works well, and I really felt that with Jamie. We both knew what direction we thought was right for every little issue in the game, and he was always there to support, but was also there to talk me down to reality. Likewise, he was always open to input when, in then end, the result was a better game. Jamie’s the kind of guy who you’ve got to have on your team as you know the results of the teamwork will be more significant than the potential of the individuals alone.”

Sherman Archibald, Owner Massive Multimedia

“I worked with Jamie on a number of jobs at Microsoft/Lionhead, but in particular on creating Particle Effects for the Fable Franchise. I found Jamie to be extremely quick and technically minded, and his work is of great visual quality. The complexities of using a highly complicated Particle Effects Editor posed no problem for Jamie, who still produced quality end product under a lot of time pressure. I also found Jamie great fun to work with – he brings a lot of exciting artistic thoughts to the table, and I would hope to possibly work with him again in the future!”

Tak Fung, Owner at Supermono Ltd.

“Jamie is a very creative and multi-talented individual. He created the online community, designed our web presence, created game content, modelled clay characters, and build the company HR intranet. Jamie’s sharp wit and unique humour was a big piece of the company culture when we founded Lionhead. He is honest, caring, self critical and a pleasure to work with.”

Jonty Barnes, Production Director, Bungie

“Jamie and I worked together through a very challenging project and not only was he incredibly professional throughout, but he understood the underlying requirement quickly and produced fantastic results that precisely matched with the brief on each bit of work he undertook – ranging from reworking logos and creating marketing materials/stationary to a full website design/build.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jamie to any potential clients for the standard of his work alone, but his personable nature, ability to delve into requirements to get a grasp of the underlying needs and professionalism make him not only a fantastic graphical designer, but an easy person to work with too.”

Lucas MacInnes, Park Avenue People

“During his work on the Fable games Jamie was not only proactive in finding highly creatively solutions to problems but he also displayed a rare graphical and artistic talent.”

Ian Yarwood-Lovett, Art Director, Microsoft / Turn 10 Studios

“Jamie is a highly creative and resourceful and in my opinion can bring a wealth of creative and technical knowledge to any project. I have always enjoyed working with Jamie and found him to be an enthusiastic, entertaining and very talented individual.”

Mark Webley, Development Director, Lionhead Studios

“Jamie has excellent web design skills and good insight to design questions which appear to be founded on great experience and knowledge of a multitude of websites, web design packages and an understanding of the issues involved. He also has significant 3D modelling experience and detailed technical knowledge of lighting and rendering techniques.”

Tim Rance, Technical Director, 22Cans

“Jamie is a very creative and experienced web designer, whose qualities are of the highest level. Jamie will always do a top quality job no matter how big or small the job is.”

Andy Robson, Owner, Testology

“I have worked on and off with Jamie for over 15 years. His approach to creative problem solving always astounds me. Combine his artistic ability with his razor sharp wit and you have a unique individual who seems to deliver the unexpected every time. A pleasure to work with and for.”

David Girling, Marketing Manager, Norwich School of Art and Design

“I worked with Jamie on Fable 2 and found him to be an excellent collaborator, always pushing and probing to discover the best way to implement a feature. He had an upbeat attitude even when the chips were down, and was always willing to do whatever was needed to get the job done.”

Richard Ham, Creative Director, Splash Damage

“Jamie is a talented designer with very good visual instincts, both on and off the web.”

Pete Coward, Web Programmer, Lionhead Studios

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